Business Pick Up

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Business - Computers

Computers, Servers & Routers

  • Computers, Servers - FREE
  • Switches, Routers - $10 Each

Business - Box Misc. Ewaste or Office Junk

Box of Misc. Electronics or Office Junk $25 Each

Box size: 15''x12''x12''. Box size is only used to estimate amount. Driver collects items using our containers. All Loose Electronics , Cords, , Phones, Tablets, Cameras, Speakers, Docking Stations, Modems, Office Junk, Supplies, Misc. Decor

Business - TVs and Monitors

TVs, Monitors, Monitor Stands

  • Computer Monitors $10 ea
  • TV/Monitors $95 ea
  • TV/Monitors 60" + b $195 ea

Business - Appliances


Microwaves, refrigerators, large fans, heaters, and other general appliances.*Small units less than 12" e.g. toaster or home coffee maker belongs to "box of misc. ewaste". 

  • Under 30lbs $35 ea
  • 30lbs or more $75 ea
  • 100lbs or more $250 ea
Business - Office Equipment

Office Equipment

Printers, Scanners, Shredders, Projectors, Phone Systems,Server Cages$45 to $350

Business - Metal Back Up Batteries

Metal Back Up Batteries

  • Under 45lbs $45 ea
  • 45lbs or more $95 ea

Business - Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items

  • Batteries $6 lb.
  • Lightbulbs $5 ea
  • Smoke Detectors $15 ea
Business - Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Office Chairs, File Cabinets, Desks, Dry Erase Boards, Folding Tables, Plastic Desk Floor Mats

Other Furniture Call/Email Pics for Quote

Business - Toners and Ink Cartridges

Toners and Ink Cartridges

  • Standard Laser and Inkjet Cartridges $2 ea
  • 3D Liquid Square Toner Box $75 ea

Business - Paper Shredding

Paper Shredding $5/lb Driver Can Weight On Arrival

Includes shredding certificate with video. Shredding meets or exceeds NAID National data destruction specifications.


Priced by the can, Full or Not

  • 1 Qrt or Smaller $10 ea
  • 1 Gallon Can $20 ea
  • 5 Gallon. Bucket $40 ea
  • Aerosol Cans $5 ea
  • Oil Based Paint or Cans Without Labels Call 415.829.2119

Business - Styrofoam and Packaging Materials

Styrofoam & Packaging Material $5/lb.

Driver Can Weight On Arrival

  • Styrofoam $5/lb.
  • Cardboard Box 1 ea

Please flatten cardboard boxes prior to pick up.
Business - Data Destruction Certificate

Data Destruction Certificates

$5 per storage device that needs data destruction. $10 if storage requires removal from device. One quantity per item that needs data destruction. Please Include a list of data destruction items in the cart's text field.
Business - Quoted Flat Rate For Entire Pickup

Quoted Flat Rate

ONLY to be used if you have contacted us and received a quote.
*Please list item descriptions in the additional information box on cart page

Pick Up Outside of SF County - $75